Testimonials for Murray & Holt Motors

Laurie - 2012 Toyota Rav4

" I left my house to buy café caramel for the keurig and went home with a Rav 4. Thank you so much for your help- you were terrific!"

Keith & Vickie - 2005 Ford Expedition

"Tony thank you for making us feel comfy. Thank you for not being pushy and going on the test drive with me. We will be sending people your way for sure! YOU ARE THE MAN! Thank you so very much!"

Levi & Ashley - 2006 Jeep Liberty

"Thank you for all of your help! Your team is amazing!"

The Drey's - 2007 Mercury Mountianer

"Amazing experience!!! Was in a car with no heater and they lent us a rig until our car came in! We are so thankful for their help! We ended up buying the loaner car because it was so nice. Wonderful guys and best experience at a car dealership hands down! Thank you so much!"

Stphanie - 2007 Toyota Corolla

"YAY! I loved it here and am so glad I am able to get a car, get freedom and vvvrooom ;)!!"

Kyle - 2002 buick Rendevous

"These guys are awesome! My poor college student self was having such a hard time finding an auto-loan, but these guys made it happen! I am so grateful to be walking out of here with a car."

Suzy - 2007 Toyota Highlander

"Easiest car sale ever experienced! "2007" Toyota Highlander had my name written all over it and Tony made sure I took it home. What a joyful day for me. Thanks Tony!"

Roger, Chelsea & Logan - 2005 Chevy Colorado

"Our 17 year old just bought his first car from Tony. Wonderful experience all around! We will be recommending Murray and Holt to everyone we know! Thanks so much!"

The Graigs - 2007 Chevy Avalanche

"Wow great experience, worked magic on finances for us. 2007 Avalanche loaded, awesome Tony Dude."

Leola, Marsha & Joe - 2013 Ford Taurus

"I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all that Tony has done for me. He is amazing! Not pushy at all. Need more car salesmen like him. Was willing to find any car I was wanting. Helpful, courteous, informative and understanding. So happy I bought from him. I would do it again and will tell them to come to Tony and buy a car! Thank you so much Tony you rock!"

Leah & Josh - 2005 GMC Yukon

"So excited about our new GMC! Amazing customer service and we couldn't be happier! Thank you???"

Noreen & Joe C. of Bend - 2009 Hyundai Sonata

"This has been the best experience with purchasing a car, no cheesy salesman! I truly enjoyed Tony and Chuck. I didn't feel "pressured" or "pushed" into anything, or shown vehicles that the salesman thought was best for me! I will definitely be back for any future purchases." Noreen C. of Bend

Jeff G. - 07 Chevy Suburban

"Excellent used-car sales experience at local dealership! My wife and I started our internet search to replace our GMC Yukon XL 1500. We were looking for another large 4WD SUV that got good gas mileage and provided the room AND safety we needed for our large family. We live in Bend, OR, and thought we would have to drive across the mountains for the best deal. But after several frustrating days of sifting through vehicles on multiple search engines, we found that our local dealer - Murray and Holt – had EXACTLY what we were looking for. Now that we found the right vehicle, it was time to seal the deal. WHAT I EXPECTED: a slick, fast-talking salesperson who would pressure me to do what HE/SHE wanted, and make me feel like I had to sign a deal with the devil. WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: The BEST car-buying experience I have EVER had. I had the pleasure of working with Tony Kristiansen. Tony was a Customer Advocate (I love this!) and from the first handshake I was put at ease and felt he was genuinely interested in me and not just in selling the vehicle. He introduced me to the Sales Manager, Chuck Barker, as well as Norm Holt, one of the owners. I again had the feeling that they were more interested in me instead of just selling the vehicle. Within a few hours, I had signed all paperwork and was driving off in a 2007 Chevrolet Suburban. I had gotten the vehicle I wanted, at the price I wanted, and DIDN’T have to drive over the mountains to do it! Thanks for the great experience! " Jeff Gonzales

Suzanne - 2006 Jeep Liberty

" Thank you so very much, you just do not know how much you made my day. Such a relief to have something reliable to do my job, to help others."

Martha & Nick S. - 08 Chevy Silverado

"My husband & I bought our first truck together. I suprised him with it for his Birthday. We love it! Thank you so much Tony!" Martha & Nick S.

Sheila & Bert C. - 2005 Nissan Murano

"I really needed a new vehicle! I went to a couple of other local dealerships and did not get the friendly customer service as I received from Tony and other at Murray and Holt team members. Not only did they treat me with respect, they sold me a nice vehicle for a fair deal and gave me a fair price for my trade." THANK YOU. Sheila & Bert C.

Ashley & Susan T - 2008 Volkswagen Bettle

" Tony and Chuck were great to work with they helped with finding me someone to finance me. It was a Wonderful. Very nice people. I recommend them to anyone!!" Thank You Very Much. Ashley and Susan

Austin P. of Lapine - 2007 Toyota Matrix

"Tony is my favorite cheesy salesman! Walking away with my 3rd car from Tony and it has been great. So glad I came back! Good luck with the smart phone. Welcome to the 21st century, R.I.P Flip phone!!" :) Austin P. of Lapine

Randy G. of Bend - 2006 Nissan Pathfinder

"I have been a loyal customer of Jack's for over 40 years and have purchased quite a few vehicles. The past few years I have enjoyed working with Tony and have always been treated as more than a customer. I think we spend more time talking about life-style issues than hammering out car deals. I trust and respect him and know I am going to get a fair deal." Randy G.

Nick & Lisa - 2004 Nissan Titan

"I came into sell my Jeep. Almost found myself in an impulse buy Mustang. But, they showed me into the drivers seat of the perfect truck. They made the process quick and painless. If I buy another vehicle.... Well in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger - "I'll be back!"

Michaela - 2001 Chevy Malibu

"Thanks for helping this hard-working, under-paid single mom get her teenage daughter her first car! You made the whole experience fast, easy & painless!"

The Kurianskis - 2006 Jeep Rubicon 2005 Subaru Legacy Outback 2 vehicles!!

"Fantastic experience! Came in to look around and left with 2 vehicles!!! An awesome Rubicon and a beautiful Subaru. No pressure, wouild highly recommend to anyone. Tony is great to work with!" Thank you, The Kurianskis

Crystal R. - 2004 Toyota Highlander

"I have used Murray & Holt twice now and I have never been happier. Tony has always made sure not to push me into something I could not afford and because I work on a budget, I really enjoyed not being pushed into something I would end up not being able to pay for in the end. Thank you for helping me get my life back on track! I will return here for the rest of my family's life!"

Sharon S. of Bend - 2013 Ford Escape

"Extremely satisfied with service! Will recommend buying a car from here!!" Sharon S. of Bend

Chris & Amber C. of Bend - 2007 Toyota 4Runner

"Very happy with my experience here! These guys delivered on everything and sold us a great vehicle for my family! (5 STARS) !!!!

Deb L - 2012 Chrysler Town & Country

"I bought a pre-owned mini van today and had a wonderful customer service. They answered any and all my questions. I felt no pressure from anyone. It was great". Thank you!!

Caroline C. of Bend - 2001 Chevy Trailblazer

"Everyone at Murray & Holt was great! Tony went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the deal. No slick Ricks here! Just genuine people, ready to sell you a good car! Cheers." Caroline C. of Bend

Melissa R. - 08 Hyundai Sonata

"So I walked into Murray and Hholt and GOD introduced me to Tony! Absolutely Amazing! Where there was no hope so I thought, Tony brought that Hope back to me. Ia m in customer service and Tony is all about that! Thank you so much Melissa R.

Brianna & Bradley - 03 Dodge Neon

Chuck was AMAZING!! He helped me gt my fist car. As soon as he told me I was approved I started crying. I'm telling everyone where I got my car, Best Experience at a car place! I couldn't be happier.. Thank You So Much!!!!!!

Allen & Suyon T. - 2004 Toyota 4Runner

"If you buy exactly the car you want, at exactly the price you wanted to pay, from friendly, helpful, professional people, how would you rate the experience? For my wife Suyon and I, it's 5 Stars, and 10 out of 10. Immediate e-mail reply from Lorinda, and call from Darren. Same day approval. Picked up the 4runner the next day. Tony met us and was very helpful and friendly. Suyon says thanks for the Hazelnut Coffee. Chuck made the paperwork easy, and explained everything clearly and to our satisfaction. One of the most pleasant car buying experiences I've ever had, and I've bought a lot of cars. We really love the Toyota, and feel very good about the deal. Thanks Everyone at Murray & Holt. Highly Recommended to everyone out there looking for a great car buying experience." Allen & Suyon Thomas

Ned & Sheri W. - 2011 Buick Lacrosse

"Second car we bought from Tony!!! That says it all! Great service and a good friend. Murray & Holt Motors is a super place to do business! Tony is 1st Class! Thanks, Ned & Shari!"

Avery P. - 2003 Chevy Impala

"Everyone was very nice and helpful. My First Car!! Yay! Thank you! "

Brent G. - 1994 GMC Sierra 3/4 Ton Pickup

"Just bought the 4th truck since moving to Central Oregon in 2003. Bought all of them at Murray & Holt. Why? Because the 1st experience was great, no pressure, fair deal and excellent service department. I have know Tony for a couple of years now and he know I'd be in to see him for my next truck. They had what I wanted and it was a no-hassle deal. Thank you Tony!!!!!" Brent G. of Redmond

Paula & Bill P. - 01 Astro Van

Tony and Chuck have been great to work with! Lots of help and very friendly. It is work the trip for the cost!!

Jeff C. - 2011 Dodge 2500

"Tony and Chuck have been a pleasure to work with. We had to jump a few small hoops to get my husband the (TRUCK OF HIS DREAMS). They where great and stuck it out with us." Thank you so much

Vera H. of Bend - 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid

"Crazy awesome service! Friendly, honest and helpful!. Very happy with the rates and patience while I found the perfect car to fit my needs." Vera H. of Bend

Carla H. of Bend - 2005 Ford Explorer

"Very impressed with everything! Very warm, hospitality, wonderful and not pushy at all. Highly recommend to family and friends, Tony is GREAT!" Carla H. of Bend

Gary D. of Prineville - 2012 Ford F-150

"Very good sales rep as well as other people. We are glad we made this our first stop!" Gary D. of Prineville

The Armstrongs - 2009 Buick Enclave

"I'm a little nervous because how smoothly this transaction has gone. I've never had a better experience when purchasing a car. There was no pressure. I just got everything I asked for! Thank you Tony." The Armstrongs

Darin M. - 2006 Dodge Magnum

"My husband found a great car here online and we came to look at it, drove it and bought it!! A great car buying experience! Thank you!" The Miles Family

Julie F. - 2012 Chevy Malibu

"Just go t my new car for Mothers Day. Thanks Tony for the great job!" Julie F

Mike T. of Bend - 2006 GMC Envoy

"Very happy with my experience at Murray & Holt. Great Service. Great Price. Very friendly people. I would come back and buy another car here!"

Josh I. - 2008 Mercury Mountaineer

"This was my 1st time buying off a car lot ........ and the service was better than I ever expected. I was excited about the whole process. After this experience, I will definitely come back for my next vehicle." Josh I of Bend

Trish & Daniel F. of Bend - 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee

"Thought I had no chance with financing, but Tony made it all happen! Great customer service and it went SO smooth! Thank you." Trish and Daniel F.

Heather W. & Brad H. of Bend - 2006 GMC Envoy

"Only came in to price and left happily with a new vehicle. We got the price we wanted and the staff was excellent to work with! Thank you!" Heather W. & Brad H. of Bend

Zale A. of Lapine - 2003 Chevy Silverado Duramax

"I am very happy with Murray & Holt and Tony was awesome!" Zale A. of Lapine

Morgan H. of Bend - 2010 Ford Fusion

"What a great experience! Tony and the whole gang at Murray & Holt helped me get into a safe and dependable car. Our family is stoked to have the opportunity to do business with a great company!" Morgan H. of Bend

Hannah & Travis C. of Christmas Valley - 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada

"Great car, Great Price! They were wonderful to work with. We will definately be back in the future. Thank you Tony! :) " Hannah & Travis C. of Christmas Valley